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Restaurant Table Linen & Napkins

Our table linens are commercially designed to outperform in look, feel, and utility, our selection features 98% USA made fabrics, and wide variety of colors, and table linen, sized to accommodate your needs.


                  Table Linen                                                   Napkins


Classic                                                 Bistro Napkins

Towels & Aprons

Anyone in the food industry knows the importance of sanitation. Having the right tools to keep your restaurant clean is half the battle. The cleanliness of your restaurant speaks volumes to your customers. The Linen Market has just what you need to keep your restaurant looking spotless! We offer a variety of utility towels for polishing and general cleanup with heavy-grade bar towels for back-of-the-house use and glass towels for polishing. We also offer microfiber and Nonwoven bar towels for multi-purpose front and back of house use, ideal for cleaning and germ removal because it is able to penetrate cracks and crevasses that cotton cloths or paper towels can’t reach.

Synthetic Textiles

No cook can go without a hardwearing, hygienic wipe to carry out routine cleaning tasks. With this addition to the Food & Service range, the Super-Twill Hygiene wipe, the cook has an incredibly absorbent and strong nonwoven wipe at their disposal during work.

Nonwoven Wipes

Lavette Super outperforms all other wipes by achieving the ultimate hygienic result. Its unique open structure guarantees superior dirt pick-up and efficient absorption, the wipe dries quickly and thus remains clean and fresher for longer providing optimal hygiene and minimal odours.Main uses: Industrial Kitchens, Catering, Hotels, Restaurants and Food Processing Industry

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